Checklist on Interval Postings in Facebook – 2019

ROJoson Medical Clinic Booked Appointment Performance Report – Monthly – Yearly

Weight and Waist Circumference Watch – Monthly

Exercise Watch – Monthly

Error Learning Experiences – Monthly or As Needed

Patients’ Prayer – Bimonthly

Physician and Surgeon’s Prayers – Monthly

Reminder on ROJoson Medical Clinic Consultation – Bimonthly

Breast Self-examination – Bimonthly

Self-examination of the Body – Bimonthly

Walk for Health – Bimonthly

Stretching and Flexing Exercise – Bimonthly

Counting Marbles – Bimonthly

Memento Mori – Every Tuesday

ROJoson’s MAR – Bimonthly at least

Happy Easter – Happy New Beginning – Yearly

Undas Day – Yearly

Christmas and New Year – Yearly